How to pay you? Is it secure?

You can Pay us via BKash or Brack Bank both account information are given bellow** BKash Mobile No: 01912825572 Brack Bank Account Details: Md. Rayhanul Islam ac no: 1540202521749001 ​ ​After you send us the money please go to our ​Ticket System. ​Create a New Ticket and put your payment document / information (That we can identify your […]

What is an EPP code?

EPP code is Authentication code for transfer domain. As domain is the most important matter for a website so to make the (Domain) Transfer system safe and to protect for the theft  There is a Secret code will given to you  by your service provider. if not given then ask for it and they are […]

How can I transfer my domain

If you have already a domain hosted in another host provider and that is active but you want to transfer your domain via us. Just get your EPP code and send it to us. Know more: What is a EPP code? How to get my EPP Code?

I have very unique needs for my website. How do I know that you can meet them?

Unique – in all its possible forms – is our speciality. Why not give us a call? The one thing we hate is doing a bad job and if we have any doubts about being able to fully satisfy your needs, we will be the first to say so.

I see that you show no examples of websites designed for my type of business. Isn’t it better for me to use someone who is in my industry?

With most businesses it does not matter because you as the client are providing the content for the site. A competent web developer would also know how to source material related to your site and get a feel for your business. It is better to have a good web developer rather than someone who shares […]

What is wrong with what you call a “conveyor-belt-site”?

The common name for this is a “template site” and there is nothing wrong with it if you are happy to have a site that is a standard with no real persona of its own and you don’t mind if your site looks like various other sites on the internet. Many people however prefer to […]

Can you recommend a good web designer in Cape Town ?(or any other city)

Afraid not. At this stage we have no personal experience with web developers in other towns.

Why do I need a website ? I don’t even own a computer.

You do not need a computer to be on the internet. It is the same as taking an advert in a newspaper that you never read. The advert is aimed at reaching your target market. A website is the same. It is not for your benefit, but for the express purpose of reaching that segment […]

I like your work, but how can I use you if I am in Johannesburg and you are in Durban?

This is the beauty of the internet. Roughly 50% of our clients have never met the person developing their website face to face. Between the telephone and email it is a simle process. If we need to run a visual concept past a client, the concept is uploaded to a private site on the internet […]

Can I manage my site myself?

Yes you can, by various means. If you have a basic knowledge of html and have an FTP programme, OR have a basic knowledge of MS Frontpage, OR just want to manage minor changes and are comfortable in MSWord (which our WYSIWYG site editing software emulates), OR you ask us to add a more advanced […]