Service Policy

After we submit your website control to you we will not take any further responsibility  (Unless problem of Domain or Hosting if Provided by w3builders ) Now objection will be allowed after test period (7-30 Days) You have to count extra for your further service We will block your site after test period if your […]

What do you mean by 24X7 Support?

It means we’ll receive your request and question at any time via mail  and will answer you withing 24 hour. Though generally it takes  30 minuets to an hour.

I see that you show no examples of websites designed for my type of business. Isn’t it better for me to use someone who is in my industry?

With most businesses it does not matter because you as the client are providing the content for the site. A competent web developer would also know how to source material related to your site and get a feel for your business. It is better to have a good web developer rather than someone who shares […]

Why do I need a website ? I don’t even own a computer.

You do not need a computer to be on the internet. It is the same as taking an advert in a newspaper that you never read. The advert is aimed at reaching your target market. A website is the same. It is not for your benefit, but for the express purpose of reaching that segment […]